Cameroon Appeal 2017 - Mark Everard and Geeta Nanda

In 2017 Mark Everard (Director, Capita) and Geeta Nanda (CEO, Thames Valley Housing Association) teamed up to raise vital funds for the work of World Child Cancer in Cameroon. Thanks to the fantastic generosity of so many people and organisations they were able to smash their first years target of raising £85,000 to help the work of the charity in Cameroon. They managed to raise well over £100,000 and that money is already improving the chances of surviving cancer for many children in that country.

£60,500 raised for children with cancer at The Underglobe!

Over 270 guests from the housing, construction and professional services industries showed their support for World Child Cancer on 2nd March when they attended our fantastic Gala Dinner in aid of children with cancer, and their families in Cameroon.

The event was made possible thanks to our Ambassadors, Mark Everard and Geeta Nanda, and an amazing team of volunteers and supporters who donated auction and raffle prizes. As well as raising vital funds, it has helped increase the profile of World Child Cancer’s work.

Dr Paul Wharin of the Beryl Thyer Memorial Africa Trust provided an inspirational talk which was recognised by the generosity of everyone who kindly donated.

The brilliant YolanDa Brown rocked the Underglobe and Boutique Booths ensured that everyone left with a photographic memento.

We look forward to the next Gala Dinner in 2018! In the meantime, keep an eye on Mark and Geeta’s events page to find out about upcoming events.

In Cameroon, it is estimated that 1,000 children develop cancer each year. However, due to a lack of trained staff, costly drugs, a lack of awareness about childhood cancer and the great distances that many families have to travel to hospital, only a small percentage of these children receive a formal diagnosis and even fewer receive treatment. Added to this, many children are dying without effective pain relief.


In the UK, 80% of children with cancer now survive. However, in Cameroon this is around 10%. We need to even those odds! Using tested treatments, and affordable generic drugs, with your help we can get this up to 50-60%.

Mark and Geeta are World Child Cancer Ambassadors and have set themselves an ambitious target to raise £85,000 for the Cameroon programme in just 12 months.

The funds they raise will:

  • Improve diagnosis, treatment and care across 3 hospitals in Cameroon
  • Build and equip the Family Homestay for families whose children are being treated
  • Refurbish the Inpatient Unit at Mbingo Hospital, improving the quality of patient care
  • Raise awareness within communities and the network of traditional healers in Cameroon, so childhood cancer can be diagnosed earlier and appropriate referrals to the hospital made.
  • Train more specialist staff – both doctors and nurses – to become paediatric oncology specialists
  • Develop an embryonic social investment programme which will support parents to grow food while they are at the hospital. This will not only help feed their children and provide some cash income for them to live on whilst their children are being cared for but, but also teach them new skills. We are currently developing a pig farming programme as well as growing palm oil and maize with parents and aim to build on the success of these initiatives.
  • Provide further support and assistance to the 3 parent support organisations that were established to help parents and families through the stress and impoverishment of caring for a child with cancer.

Mark at our House of Lords event in October 2016

Our Appeal Patrons

We are delighted to have the support of the following Appeal Patrons:

  • Helen Evans - CEO of Network Housing:
Did you know that in Cameroon, there are fewer than two doctors for every 10,000 people? Please support this Appeal to help World Child Cancer train more health workers in Cameroon and improve diagnosis and treatment for children who need it most – thank you!
  • Keith Exford - CEO of Affinity Sutton:
It is unthinkable that a child should have to abandon cancer treatment due to lack of money – and yet this is an everyday occurrence. I am delighted to support this Appeal to bring hope to children with cancer and their families in Cameroon.
  • Grahame Hindes - CEO of Octavia:
World Child Cancer highlights the inequalities that exist in cancer care in countries such as Cameroon – where survival rates for children with cancer can be as low as 10%, compared to 80% in higher income countries. Please support this Appeal.
  • Sir Bob Kerslake - Chair of Peabody and Lord:
I am delighted to support World Child Cancer’s Cameroon Appeal 2017.  This Appeal will make a tangible difference to the lives of young cancer patients in Cameroon – thank you.
  • Carol Matthews - CEO of Riverside Housing:
By joining me in supporting this Appeal, you will be helping to refurbish the Inpatient Unit at Mbingo Hospital in northwest Cameroon, supported by World Child Cancer. This will vastly improve the quality of the clinical surroundings for the 60 or more children who are treated on the Unit every year, providing additional beds, treatment and toilet facilities. Thank you!

Our Sponsors

We are delighted to acknowledge the valued support of the following organisations:

  • Inside Housing
  • Ocean Media Group Ltd 
  • A D Construction Group