Bead making: a path to livelihoods

One of the great initiatives at Korle Bu hospital in Accra has been to persuade a local woman who runs a bead making business to volunteer to come to the hospital to teach mothers to make beads. It is hoped that this initiative will enable mothers to set up their own little business whilst they are in Accra for weeks or months at a time waiting for their child to finish treatment. This initiative will help mothers to earn some money to help them manage while they are in the hospital. It is also an opportunity for the mothers to learn and develop a skill that some may choose to continue with when they return home. Given the story behind this enterprise, it is hoped that local tourists makers will want to purchase the beads and help support families to ensure their child is able to complete their treatment.

In the photograph below you can see one of the daughters taking part in the bead making lesson alongside her mother during some free time between her treatments.

This programme in Ghana is funded with UK Aid from the UK government.


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Jon Rosser joined World Child Cancer as Chief Executive in September 2015. Jon has extensive experience working in Africa and Asia, as well as for UK charities.