“A great leap forward!”

It was great to be taken to the brand new ‘classroom’ near the children’s pediatric oncology ward in Yangon. Still being decorated and made ready for a start next month the 3 staff are full of energy and enthusiasm for their new project. World Child Cancer have found a transport business who have agreed to fund an education facility for children with cancer so they can continue their education while in hospital. 

Children’s treatment for cancer will usually take many months, and even if they successfully conquer their cancer the impact of being out of school for so many months will too often mean they never catch up and sometimes never go back at all. For many families when they come to the city with their sick child they have to bring the brothers and sisters with them so they are all missing out on their education. 

The plan is to open the school in mid-June at the beginning of the Myanmar school year so they can start school at the same time as children all over the country. A great leap forward! 

The programme in Myanmar is funded with UK Aid from the UK government.

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Jon Rosser

Jon Rosser joined World Child Cancer as Chief Executive in September 2015. Jon has extensive experience working in Africa and Asia, as well as for UK charities.