Programme Coordinator Tun's Visit to London

The visit to London enabled me to get to know the World Child Cancer staff in the UK much better and improve our relationship. As the Programme Coordinators from Ghana and Bangladesh were also visiting London I was able to gain information about the programmes in their countries too. We were able to share the challenges we face as Programme Coordinators and how we respond to those challenges, which should help us to overcome similar situations in the future.

The visit to Evelina Children’s Hospital school on 27th July 2016 was one of the most informative and interesting parts of my visit to London. The hospital has a child-friendly environment and it was useful to visit the impressive hospital school they have there. We have recently launched the first hospital school in Myanmar at the Yangon Children’s Hospital - ‘Hero’s School’ which we are developing and improving step by step under a long-term strategy. During the visit to hospital school at Evelina it was interesting to learn how they set up the school, what they are doing in the school and how they raise the funds.

Another interesting thing I saw was the information point for patients and their families with many leaflets at the entrance of hospital which is something we need to do at our hospital to reduce the communication barriers.

I enjoyed every activity and meeting during my time with at the World Child Cancer office in London and I was able to gain information and ideas of preparing project designs as well as strengthening each component of the projects in our hospitals in Myanmar.

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Tun Zaw Min

Tun is the Programme Coordinator for World Child Cancer in Myanmar.