Supporting transport costs in Myanmar

During a recent trip to Myanmar I was able to meet up with City Love and Hope Foundation’ – a non-for profit set up by a local food retailer. The foundation is generously supporting the transport costs for many patients and their families at Yangon Children’s Hospital. This support is vital for the families as many would otherwise not be able to access the hospital or return home during treatment.

For families who are already going through a very emotional and difficult time, financial pressures can make their lives even harder and more uncertain. Providing simple support such as transport costs can help ease the financial pressure on a family and ensure that their child can continue to return to the hospital for treatment.

Many newly diagnosed patients live outside of Yangon. These patients will typically stay at the hospital for around 3 -5 weeks during diagnosis and the initial treatment stage. For many families living in rural areas (often many days travel from Yangon) transport can simply be unaffordable. Taking this financial burden away can speed up diagnosis and greatly increase a child’s chances of survival.

Allowing patients who are receiving on-going treatment to return home between treatment cycles can also be vitally important. Patients are often much more comfortable and happy in their own environment and it can also free up much needed hospital beds. Patients often return once every week or two weeks to receive treatment. Patients who are suffering from a progressive disease where curative treatment is no longer suitable, often wish to spend their time at home with their family and friends. By this point many families have often spent long periods of time away from work or their farm land. Making sure that families can get home quickly and safely with the support they need is vitally important.

Many thanks to City Love and Hope Foundation for the amazing support they provide.

This programme in Myanmar is funded with UK Aid from the UK government.

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Jon Rosser joined World Child Cancer as Chief Executive in September 2015. Jon has extensive experience working in Africa and Asia, as well as for UK charities.