Fundraising Hero: Charlie Smith

A challenge as amazing as the one Charlie has completed is rare to come by as it took weekly commitment and motivation, regardless of the ever changing weather! At the beginning of February Charlie Smith, just nine years old, embarked on the challenge of running the distance of a marathon in 5km Parks Runs, and set himself a fundraising target of £50. His fundraising was in support of The Sacha Gauci Remembrance Fund which was set up after the sad passing of Sacha, who died of a rare brain tumour, and his parents wanted some good to come from his tragic passing. Sacha and Charlie had been good friends, and at the time of Sacha’s death Charlie was just four.

Fast forward to April and Charlie has now completed his marathon challenge and completely smashed his fundraising target as he ended with an incredible total of £1,210! This amount could pay for essential ward equipment for six months in Malawi.

Charlie is a true inspiration for all us and shows that we can raise awareness as well as money in new and exciting ways!

"I love running, because when I am running lives are being saved at the same time."

Charlie Smith






If you feel inspired by Charlie's challenge then please download our fundraising pack  or email Alice for lots of exciting ways to support children with cancer, and their families, in the developing world.