Lots of people love receiving gifts for their birthday, wedding, retirement or anniversary. Some people prefer not to receive anything and choose to support a cause close to their heart instead. If the idea of pulling together a Gift List brings you out in hives, why not ask your friends, family members and colleagues to support World Child Cancer instead.

Donating In Celebration is easy. You can choose one of these options:

  • Ask the generous people in your life to donate online. If they then email us with their name and your name, we'll be sure to record that gift against your Celebration Event.
  • Set up an online donation page and share the URL with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Ask people to include their donation as a cheque (made payable to World Child Cancer) in your birthday/wedding/retirement/anniversary card.
  • Collect donations at the event and contact us for details of how to pay this in. 

If you would like bespoke cards to send to guests ahead of your Celebration Event please contact us.

Let's celebrate and support children with cancer in the developing world!