Fundraising Hero: Christophe Bird

Christophe is 8 years old and along with his father, Paul Bird, has supported World Child Cancer since 2014. We were very lucky to have Christophe attend our annual event, the Spirit of Christmas in December 2017, where he delighted the audience with a short reading, outlining what Christmas means to him. We would like to thank Christophe for being such an important part of this event, at which we raised over £4000 in total!

On the night, Christophe sported a World Child Cancer cape, representing our ‘Be A Hero For Change’ Campaign, which aims to give young children in schools in the UK, just like Christophe, an insight into the work that we do for children at the Heroes School in Yangon Children's Hospital in Myanmar. When candidly asked what his superpower would be, he responded "I would fight cancer."

He embodies the idea that you can support children with cancer no matter what your age is!  With supporters like Christophe and his family, we are able to give children with cancer in the developing world the gift of growing up.

Find out more about how you too can volunteer for us here!