Fundraising Heroes: Bonnie Terbush & Jodi Minton - London Marathon, April 2016

Bonnie Terbush

Bonnie Terbush reflects on how she signed up to the London Marathon last year completely on a whim at first, she was on Twitter and one of the charities posted a good luck message to their runners in the London marathon.  Inspired, she went on to the Peak Posse Facebook group and posted a message to see if anyone was interested in running with her.  Bonnie was quite surprised to find that a lot of people responded saying they were interested.  As soon as she posted it she thought ‘oh no what am I getting myself into’ but then she started getting excited. 

When I asked Bonnie why she chose to run for World Child Cancer she said it was because of Catriona Balfe and the wonderful work that the charity does.  Bonnie faced the challenge head on, to push her limits, get herself out of her comfort zone whilst raising money for an organisation she felt passionate about.  Bonnie cannot express how great the experience was for her, one of the best moments of her life and as a result has genuinely made some amazing friends from it. 

It’s about helping other people and paying it forward, we are so lucky.

Bonnie started a group called ‘The Peak Posse’ on Facebook which now has over 600 members, it is a safe place for inspirational women like her to motivate and support one another.  I was welcomed into the Peak Posse after meeting Bonnie and since then all the ladies have inspired me to achieve my goals this year.   

At the end of my Skype call with Bonnie she said ‘I am very creative and its frustrating for me that work gets in the way of my fundraising’ which is outstanding to me as Bonnie makes time for everyone and everything.  She is a very passionate fundraiser and an absolute inspiration to us all.







Jodi Minton

Jodi also ran the London Marathon 2016 for World Child Cancer at the age of 70.  Jodi, now a retired nurse and soldier in the US army reflects that she was never a ‘runner’ as such but after months of intensive training and completing the marathon it’s safe to say that Jodi definitely became a runner. 

Jodi remembers that training was not easy and some days she thought she was crazy.  Jodi focused on the end results, a monumental achievement, which kept her on track most days.  Most of all, she didn’t want to disappoint herself or others that believed in her. 

Therein began an intense roller coaster ride of preparing for a 26.2 mile run that still seemed pretty scary to her. Jodi had a mountain of support from her running partners and others supporting all the ladies running, whether to cheer them in person in London or giving them the encouragement they needed online.

You keep plugging away because 80% of running is mental and something in your head says… I know I can do this.

Crossing that finish line with lifelong friends, Bonnie Terbush and Barbara Kidwell, and sharing the experience with a dozen others in London is something I will value as one of the best and most memorable events in my lifetime.

Author: Lisa Fernandes