Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) - Accra, Ghana

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Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is a 2000-bed tertiary referral hospital located in the capital city of Ghana. It is the third-largest hospital in Africa and gained teaching hospital status in 1962. The Paediatric Oncology Unit has 30 beds and a separate day care unit where children can attend clinics to receive treatment and then return home. There are 2 trained paediatric oncologists; Prof Lorna Renner and Dr Cathy Segbefia, as well as a dedicated team of trained nurses. A hostel facility is available but space is limited and there are only 2 rooms available for children with cancer and their families. KBTH has most essential laboratory and diagnostic facilities, as well as a radiotherapy facility. There is a dedicated support group for children with cancer; Ghana Parent's Association for Childhood Cancers (GHAPACC). This is one of only two hospitals in the whole country that can treat children in cancer and so is having to receive children from all over Ghana.

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