Awareness rally in Bangladesh

Today at BSMMU in Dhaka, Bangladesh healthcare professionals came together to take part in an awareness rally for World Cancer Day 2016. This was led by the World Child Cancer partner doctors from the paediatric oncology unit and aims to leverage support for children with cancer in the country.

How can you get involved? 
Join us today on World Cancer Day by uploading your own ‘talking hands’ photo. It is very simple all you need to do is follow two easy steps 
1. Write the follow message on your hand:- (left hand) We can/I can (right hand) Lets even the odds 
2. Upload your photo to your social media accounts with the following message – support @wchildcancer and ‪#‎WorldCancerDay and‪#‎letseventheodds ‪#‎wecanIcan

To find out more information about our February #letseventheodds awareness campaign please visit…/join-a…/10/letseventheodds

If you would rather support us on World Cancer Day by making a donation please visit…/worldchil…/Letseventheodds

Thank you all for your incredible support. Together let's raise awareness about the lack of care available for children with cancer around the world and help to even the odds’ for them and their families #WecanIcan #WorldCancerDay #letseventheodds

Our programme in Bangladesh is made possible by funding from UK Match Aid from the UK government.