Double your impact and help Close the Cancer Gap for children in Nepal

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently launched our second UK Aid Match appeal of the year – to Close the Cancer Gap for children with cancer in Nepal and around the world! This year over 1,200 children are expected to develop cancer in Nepal, but as few as 10% of these children are expected to survive. This compares to survival rates of over 80% in high income countries like the UK. The appeal will allow us to address this disparity by beginning to Close the Cancer Gap for children with cancer in Nepal.

Currently, children in Nepal face numerous barriers when accessing quality treatment and care. Due to a lack of awareness of childhood cancer and the low availability of trained doctors and nurses, many children are misdiagnosed and untreated, meaning many children die of curable cancers. Even when children are diagnosed with cancer, the emotional and financial pressures can cripple families: the average direct cost of cancer treatment is nearly five times the average Nepali’s income. This can lead to families abandoning treatment, significantly reducing their child’s chance of surviving.

By providing vital training for healthcare professionals, we will improve healthcare systems in Nepal and ensure equal access to quality cancer treatment and care. We will also provide emotional and financial support to vulnerable families affected by childhood cancer to ensure that as many children as possible complete treatment and beat cancer. Lastly, World Child Cancer will raise awareness of childhood cancer amongst local communities through radio and television broadcasts and by hosting awareness-raising events. Increased awareness means earlier diagnoses and more effective treatments, which ultimately increases childhood cancer survival rates.

As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations made before the 21st January will be doubled by the UK government, meaning your support will have twice the impact on the lives of children with cancer around the world. Matched funds will be used to support children with cancer in Nepal whilst all other donations will go towards supporting families in low-and middle-income countries around the world.

Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for International Development, says:

“The UK Aid Match ‘Close the Cancer Gap’ appeal will mean that Nepalese children living with cancer are treated by medical teams, who are trained to deliver quality medical care. All donations to the appeal will be doubled by UK aid up to £2 million, meaning that the generosity of the British public will go twice as far.”

By donating today, you will help us train more healthcare professionals, support more children with cancer and their families, and raise awareness of childhood cancer in local communities. We have increased survival rates by as much as 200% in some of our programme countries, and with your support, we can continue to help children around the world grow into happy, healthy futures.