February 15th International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

In the high income world, one of the enormous medical success stories of the last fifty years is the improved chance of survival for children with cancer. Today 80% of children who develop cancer in this part of the world will survive.

In the low and middle income world, the story is very different and survival rates can be as low as 10%. This means that thousands of children are dying needlessly each year, most without effective pain relief.

Today on International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day you can help raise awareness of the lack of care available for children with cancer around the world by taking part in our ‘share with 10’ campaign. It is very simple to get involved...
1. Share Maaria and Obasi’s story 10 times on social media and in any other way you would like and ask them to ‪#‎sharewith10
2. Change your profile photo or cover photo to Maaria and Obasi’s story for the day.
3. Follow @wchildcancer on Instagram.

If you would prefer to support us on this critical day by making a donation please visit http://www.worldchildcancer.org/…/join-a…/10/letseventheodds

For £50 you could fund a round of chemotherapy for a child in Ghana; currently a cost that families have to bear and simply cannot afford.

Thank you so much for helping us to raise awareness of the inequalities in cancer care and treatment in the low and middle income world. Together let’s even the odds for both the children and their families! #sharewith10 ‪#‎ICCD‪#‎letseventheodds