#FeelgoodFriday World Cancer Day

#‎Feelgoodfriday Thank you all for your incredible support on World Cancer Day! Yesterday we showed that we can help to raise awareness of childhood cancer and that together we can even the odds for children with cancer across the low and middle income world. 
If you did not manage to upload your talking hands photo and prefer to support us by making a donation please visit: -https://campaign.justgiving.com/…/worldchil…/Letseventheodds For just £10 you can purchase pain relief for four terminally ill children in Malawi.

Our next key awareness date is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day on February 15th. This is a critical day for World Child Cancer as it is a chance for us to highlight the inequalities that exist in cancer care for children across the world. 
In the high income world 80% of children who develop cancer in this part of the world will survive. In the low and middle income world, the story is very different and survival rates can be as low as 10%. This means that thousands of children are dying unnecessarily each year, most without effective pain relief. At World Child Cancer we believe that all children, regardless of where they live, deserve better access to cancer care.

Through our work caring for children with cancer in the low and middle income world we are striving to give all children, regardless of where they live, the chance of a future.

Look out next Monday across our social media for information on how you can get involved in the ‘share with 10’ campaign for International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day!