Gary Lineker supports World Child Cancer

Former England footballer and now presenter Gary Lineker is joining World Child Cancer to present our upcoming BBC Radio 4 Appeal. During the recording, Gary  discusses his experiences of childhood cancer after his son George, was diagnosed with leukaemia at just a few months old


Gary reveals the harrowing thoughts of potentially losing his son at a time which was supposed to be so exciting and special. Being in the UK Gary and his family were able to receive specialist treatment and despite being close to losing their son, George has gone on to make a full recovery.

Gary chose to support World Child Cancer as he could not imagine the thought of having a child with cancer not being able to access treatment that is readily available in other parts of the world. This is the dark reality for so many families in the countries in which we work, such as Cameroon.

Every year, over 300,000 children will develop cancer and in developed countries like the UK up to 80% of children will survive. However, this figure drops to as low as 10% in developing countries where we work.

World Child Cancer is changing this by supporting the training of more healthcare professionals, providing families with emotional and economic support and raising awareness of childhood cancer. With your support, we are working to give children with cancer the gift of growing up.

The BBC Radio 4 Appeal hopes to reach millions of listeners and save lives. We are asking you to listen and share Gary’s story. By donating and helping to raise the profile of the appeal you can help more children like Bulu survive cancer in Cameroon.

Hear why Gary is supporting World Child Cancer this January by playing the soundbite below.