Give the gift of growing up

  • Nick / Sadie
  • Lisa / Adam

Children with cancer in developing countries want to go to school and to play sports. They have dreams and aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up. Some of them may want to be famous singers, teachers, plumbers, some of them just want to be grow up. As part of our Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock appeal, the staff at World Child Cancer have decided to share their childhood photos in the coming weeks in support of the #giftofgrowingup social media campaign.

You can get involved by texting ‘GROW35 £3’ to 70070 and sharing an image of yourself as a child on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Remember to tag @wchildcancer, include a caption of what you wanted to be when you grew up, include the hashtag #giftofgrowingup and tag five friends asking them to do the same.

Every 3 minutes a child dies of cancer in a developing country but you can help Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock. As little as £5 could buy essential equipment for healthcare workers in Ghana to screen children for eye cancer, helping to diagnose the cancer early enough to enable effective treatment. Every donation you make between now and December 18th will be doubled by the UK Government, meaning your support is twice as valuable.

To see more childhood pictures of the staff follow us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram