Let's get walking

May is National Walking Month and it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside, start moving and raise money to help give children with cancer the gift of growing up!

Walk to work, school, college, university, to the shops and more. May is all about walking and is a wonderfully simple way for you to get your friends and family together to raise vital funds for children with cancer around the world.

The walking part is easy and thanks to our wonderful team so is the fundraising part! For ideas and questions, it’s easy to get in touch with our wonderful fundraising team by email or by phoning 0203 176 7892.

Stumped for ideas? Here are some baby steps…

Together is better – get your colleagues, peers, friends and / or family together and just start walking. Sponsored walks are simple, fun ways to get together and raise vital funds. Still feeling shy? We’re here to help you make the first step

Walk to School Week – This one is a quick win for anyone. Taking place from May 21 to May 26, avoid the cramped busses and trains, get some fresh air and stretch those legs. Donate the money you would have spent on travel and challenge your parents and teachers to get involved too!

Don’t fancy walking but still want to get involved with World Child Cancer? Download our awesome fundraising pack which is full of great ideas for all your fundraising needs.

Be proud and be loud! Share your walking pictures on social media and tag World Child Cancer with your best snaps through the month of May. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so if you want to show off your best walking snaps then tag @wchildcancer in your messages!

Smashed your fundraising? Paying in your monies is easy, simply make a donation through our donate page or get in touch with us for alternative methods.