Nurse Resilience Training

  • Megan with nurses Mercy, Akosua and Mina.

On International Nurse Day and with Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 also coming up, we're delighted to share an update from our programme at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana where nurses have been receiving training on how to build resilience when caring for children with cancer.

The emotional difficulties of childhood cancer amongst patients and their families is well documented but the impacts it has on nurses can sometimes be forgotten. These nurses have to deal with the pain, suffering and death of children, whom they often grow close to, on a daily basis. This is all whilst having to handle the pressures of high workloads due to being understaffed and managing complex cancer treatments. It is a highly emotional and stressful job that can have detrimental effects on the nurses’ mental health if not dealt with properly. This is why training for nurses to help build resilience against the stressors of their job is so important.

The recent training was led by our Psychosocial Support Advisor, Megan Cruise, who trained three of the ward’s new nurses – Mercy, Akosua and Mina, and has previously trained others in similar resilience building sessions in the past.

The sessions helped to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to manage the various issues they face in their job. The nurses were first assessed to see which areas they were already confident in managing and then for aspects of their roles where they are less confident. From there, the nurses were taught how they can best deal with their areas of development, about how to create a better work-life balance and how to take better care of their physical and mental wellbeing. Megan Commented:

“These nurses are exposed to high levels of intense and overwhelming stressors daily and if not managed properly, can lead to a number of mental health conditions. Therefore this type of training is so essential for nurses.”

By providing training like this we are not only helping nurses improve their personal wellbeing, but we are also helping them care for their patients effectively.

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