One lucky Outlander visits the set in Glasgow!

As part of our UK Aid Match Appeal, we ran a prize drawer for one lucky UK Outlander fan to win a visit to the set. The drawer raised an incredible £13,645.27 to support children with cancer, and their families, in the developing world. The winner was Cynthia, who was introduced to Outlander in late 2016 and became aware of World Child Cancer shortly after when seeing Caitriona Balfe’s support of the publicised online. Cynthia has worked in medical and cancer related fields for over ten years which gave her a strong connection with our mission and vision.

"When it was advertised that donations to World Child Cancer during a certain time period would be matched by the UK government, and also that a donor would have the opportunity to visit the Outlander set, it seemed like the perfect situation! World Child Cancer would receive substantial support and someone would have the opportunity to check out how Outlander is created."


The trip started with a tour of the studio near Glasgow, followed by watching some filming and stopping by Linlithgow Palace, which was used as Wentworth Prison in previous seasons. Cynthia got to see how the costumes and sets are crafted, as well as seeing the actors film part of an episode!

Cynthia thoroughly enjoyed seeing all aspects of the Outlander set and she greatly appreciated the opportunity that Caitriona kindly donated to step into the world of Outlander for a day.

If you are part of an Outlander group and are keen to support us then get in touchwith Alice, and keep your eyes peeled for more information about our new Cait’s Caraids Campaign launching soon.