Rotary Club of Kenilworth

We would like to say a very special thank you to the Rotary Club of Kenilworth for their ongoing support of World Child Cancer since 2015.

In April 2019, they donated £10,000 to World Child Cancer's Philippines programme. The donation was made during our 2019 UK Aid Match appeal, meaning it will be doubled by the UK Government. In November 2017 they donated an incredible £14,000 to World Child Cancer’s Myanmar programme to fund vital staff costs at Yangon Children’s Hospital. With these funds, we aim to reduce treatment abandonment rates by helping to cover essential treatment costs and support the costs to fund teachers, training materials and furniture for our Heroes School in Yangon. The school enables children who are undergoing treatment to continue their education and provides them with psychosocial care during a crucial time in their development.

Since 2015, Kenilworth have donated over £40,000 to support our projects in the Philippines, Cameroon and Myanmar. Their incredible generosity covered the costs of training of specialist palliative care nurse, Joel Kaah, enabling him to reach 122 patients in 2016 compared to 60 in 2015.

Kenilworth’s contribution to the charity was celebrated at the House of Lords when Rotary Club of Kenilworth's President John Kelley presented World Child Cancer's Chairman, Anu Vedi, with a Rotary plaque for Cameroon in 2015.