Thank you for helping us raise £849,956 for children with cancer!

  • Dr Emma Johnson, Adam O'Kane and Minister Harriett Baldwin
  • Harriett Baldwin meets staff on the ward at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children
  • Harriett Baldwin meets Sean Hogg, 14, who is being treated for cancer at the hospital

Minister Harriett Baldwin joined members of the World Child Cancer team at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh yesterday to celebrate the success of last year's appeal to Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock.

Joined by healthcare professionals including Dr Emma Johnson, Associate Specialist in Paediatric Oncology and Adam O’Kane, Director of Fundraising and Communications at World Child Cancer, the event announced that the campaign raised over £849,000 to support children with cancer and their families in developing countries around the world.

Our ‘Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock’ appeal ran from September to December 2017. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the UK public, £415,717 of funds raised were eligible to be matched by the UK Government’s Aid Match scheme. The matched funds will be used to support children with cancer in Ghana, helping them to gain a faster route to better treatment, whilst the total £434,239 public funds raised throughout the appeal will be used to support families affected by cancer in the seven other countries in which the charity works.

The event took place at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, World Child Cancer’s twinning partner for our programme in Ghana. We develop twinning partnerships with hospitals in developed countries which involves specialised healthcare professionals volunteering their time, often travelling abroad, to train their peers in the countries in which we work.

The appeal aimed to address the fact that every three minutes, a child with cancer in a developing country dies. Over 300,000 children develop cancer around the world each year. In developed countries like the UK a child has an 80% chance of survival, but in developing ones this figure drops to as low as 10%. By improving treatment standards through training healthcare professionals, covering family costs for essential treatment and raising awareness of childhood cancer, World Child Cancer has proven success of increasing childhood cancer survival rates in our programmes.

World Child Cancer's Director of Fundraising and Communications, Adam O’Kane comments;

“The children of today are the leaders, singers, artists and teachers of tomorrow. Your support helps us to move us closer to a world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care.”

Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin added:

“The overwhelming generosity of the UK public in times of crisis is one of the things that makes Britain truly great. I am delighted with the huge response to the Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock appeal which will provide more training for healthcare professionals in Ghana so they can spot the early warning signs and ensure children have a faster route to better treatment.

“Every donation made by the British public has been matched pound for pound by the UK Government, meaning we have doubled the difference Britons have made to those children in need and their families.”

Thank you for your supporting our 'Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock' last year, and for helping to give the gift of growing up to children with cancer all over the world.