Turn it UP! at Omeara

  • Caswell
  • Tommy Ashby
  • Outlya
  • Baely

After the success of ‘Malawi Sounds’, World Child Cancer’s first music themed event in 2018, we knew we needed a round two!

World Child Cancer Ambassador, Alex Shammas organised both events, with all proceeds raised going to World Child Cancer. This year, the event was held at Omeara London and featured four fantastic artists: Tommy Ashby, Baely, Outlya and Caswell.

Sound checks complete, rehearsals done and lights at the ready. The night kicked off with Alex on stage;

“World Child Cancer is an unbelievably awesome charity…They do amazing work” He went on to explain the conception of the idea for the fundraiser. “Music can be a really powerful tool…. That’s where this idea came from... Can we raise money for kids with cancer through doing a music event.”

And the answer is...yes we can! This year, with thanks to all the artists, guests and our incredible Ambassador Alex, we are pleased to announce that in just one night, we raised an amazing £1,700! 

Across social media, Baely described it as “a great event for a great cause” with Caswell describing closing the night as “magic”.

Thank you to all those involved.

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