Update on Hospital Equipment Delivery in Mexico

  • Alma lays in her new bed at the hospital

Earlier this year, World Child Cancer helped to deliver vital hospital equipment to Hospital Regional Rio Blanco (HRRB) and Hospital General Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico. The equipment was donated by Project Cure, an organisation dedicated to distributing donated medical relief, who hoped that the new resources would help the staff and children being treated at the hospitals. The delivery included new diagnostic equipment as well as new beds. Now, some months later, we have heard from some of the children who have benefited from the donated equipment. 

Meet five-year-old Alma. Alma was diagnosed with blood cancer this year. She and her mum have to travel five hours to get to the hospital. Having to leave behind home comforts and travel for hours on end, all whilst being weak and run down can be very difficult for children like Alma. Like with most of the children we meet, coming to hospital is not a very enjoyable experience but Alma says that the new beds have made her stays more comfortable: 

“I don’t like to stay at the hospital but it’s nicer than before. Now I can use the new beds, they’re much better than the old ones. My mum also says thank you for all the equipment and support.” 

Other families at the hospital have also commented on the new donated equipment at HRRB. Fifteen-year-old Maria (not pictured) was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2017 at HRRB, which is supported by World Child Cancer. Whilst Maria doesn’t live too far from the hospital, her mum is pregnant and has to also look after her Maria’s brother. However, Maria says the staff at HRRB are very helpful. For this, Maria is thankful for the staff at HRRB and tells us how the new resources have helped them.  

“The doctors and nurses here are so supportive, I am so grateful for them. The new equipment and material really helps them and me!” 

Maria admits she doesn’t enjoy coming to the hospital as it makes her sad, but she stays positive and hopes that one day soon that she will be cancer-free.

Children like Alma and Maria can end up staying in hospital for many months or even years at a time, so making sure they are comfortable and properly cared for with the correct equipment is so important. It is only thanks to your support that we can help to provide and deliver new, vital equipment to hospitals in low-and middle-income countries around the world. Thank you.