#WCCWednesday Nutrition project in Myanmar

Nutrition is critical for all our patients who are undergoing chemotherapy across our programme countries. Here is a photo of a little girl on the pediatric oncology ward at Yangon Children’s Hospital in Myanmar tucking into a nutritious meal. Around 50% of children arrive at the hospital malnourished, making sure that each child receives at least one nutritious meal a day is a really important element of the care that is provided. Without adequate nutrition, children are not in the best health to be able to deal with the strain of chemotherapy treatment.

Our partners, City Love & Hope Foundation currently fund a nutrition programme for the children on the pediatric oncology ward at the hospital. This is a wonderful development and we thank City Love & Hope Foundation for their incredible support.

If you would like to learn more about our work in Myanmar or find out more information about our other programmes please take a look at our blog:-https://worldchildcancerblog.wordpress.com/