#WCCWednesday Programme in Philippines

‪#‎WCCWednesday Our programme in the Philippines is led by the inspirational Dr Mae Dolendo,a highly experienced Paediatric Oncologist,who returned to the Philippines from Singapore 10 years ago to start a children’s cancer service from scratch. In the first year she was able to treat 30 children with almost no facilities available. Now 300 children a year are treated and over half of the children survive. It is a colossal achievement of determination and perseverance and the satellite centres, supported by World Child Cancer, will steadily allow those numbers to increase, whilst reducing the burden of travel for parents.

Here is a photo from the House of Hope at the main hospital in Davao. This is a place where the parents and children can stay while they are being treated. Everyone is included in all the activities, and life is very much lived to the full. Every birthday is celebrated with cakes and presents and everyone joins in celebrating the monthly survivors day.

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