#WCCWednesday Tisungeni’s story

‪#‎WCCWednesday Tisungeni was just three years old when she developed a mass in her abdomen, characteristic of what doctors determined to be Wilms' tumour.

With two other children and inflexible work schedules, Tisungeni's parents were unable to take her on the 90km journey from her home village to Blantyre's Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, home to the unit which World Child Cancer supports in Malawi. Luckily, her grandmother could accompany her for official diagnosis and treatment, and stayed by her side for over two months of chemotherapy, surgery and recovery.

Weeks before the final chemotherapy session, Tisungeni and her grandmother were able to return home- where 6 months later an outreach officer confirmed Tisungeni was cancer free.

World Child Cancer is working to ensure that every child like Tisungeni has access to the best possible treatment and care.