#WCCWednesday twinning partnership in Philippines


In 2009, World Child Cancer launched a twinning partnership between the Southern Philippines Medical Centre in Mindanao and the National University Hospital in Singapore / St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the USA. We are now in year two of expanding our twinning partnership model to four operational satellite medical centres – soon to be five satellite medical centres - enabling us to cover all areas of Mindanao. This will mean that not only more children with cancer have access to the treatment or palliative care that they need, but also more families/carers will be receiving the relevant psycho-social support necessary to cope with the reality of their child’s illness and the pressures of treatment and care. Along with the expansion of the twinning partnership, funding has also been identified locally to develop a home from home in Cagayan de Oro,one of the satellite centres which will enable more children to complete their treatment.

Dr. Mae Dolendo, the medical lead at the programme continues to do a wonderful job in advocating and undertaking fundraising campaigns with local donors and institutions to ensure continued support for children in the network.There are also plans for new hospital spaces to increase the capacity of the healthcare system in Mindanao. This in turn, will lead to increased accessibility to appropriate treatment and support for children with cancer.

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