Why I’m running the London Marathon

Jon Sider is one of seven incredible runners we have taking part in the London Marathon this year. We caught up with him ahead of the race to find out why he chose to take part in the challenge and why World Child Cancer means so much to him.

“Despite being a daunting challenge, I feel ready for it. I have trained well and reached the 20-mile barrier recently so I am hoping things go smoothly on the day. I am really looking forward to joining the fellow runners and being cheered on by the World Child Cancer team!

“I chose to run for World Child Cancer after travelling to the Philippines. Coming from the UK we are lucky to have a national health system where people affected by cancer have a clear path to treatment. This isn’t the case for families in so many other countries around the world, including those in the Philippines, a country I have visited frequently.

"Wanting to do something to help families affected by cancer, myself and my wife came across the House of Hope in Davao. With children travelling several hours to hospital, families often have no place to go. The house really was a symbol of hope and I wanted to do something to support them.

"Having never fundraised before, the challenge of trying to raise money for these children was something entirely new to me. I would advise other first-time fundraisers not to be put off by the challenge and to just tell people your own story as to why you’re doing it. I’m passionate about the charity and what it does, specifically in supporting the House of Hope and that has really helped me.

After all the training I’m looking forward to seeing my family at the finish line!”

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