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Please Take Me There is a charity that offers free transportation to people in need, giving them access to healthcare, new opportunities, empowering their lives

Please Take Me There works with World Child Cancer to help transport children with cancer in Myanmar to the only hospital in the country that can help them, Yangon Children’s Hospital. For most children and their families, the journey to Yangon Children’s Hospital take up to 12 hours each way. Some families travel up to four days and live with less than £2 per day. 

Please Take Me There has also supported our twinning partnership between Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and Yangon Children’s Hospital by providing free air transportation for the medical team involved in visits to Yangon Children Hospital. These visits enable the training of healthcare professionals, improvement in diagnosis and improvement in the quality of care at Yangon Children’s Hospital which contributes to increasing survival rates of childhood cancer in Myanmar.

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