Raising awareness

The chances of surviving childhood cancer are greatly increased if detected early enough. In high income countries, like the UK, as many as 80% of children survive. This is compared to an estimated 10% in low-and middle-income countries. In low-and middle-income countries, children with cancer are often misdiagnosed or even left undiagnosed due to a lack of awareness of childhood cancer.

Many families and communities do not know what childhood cancer may look like and some do not realise that children can develop cancer at all. In some rural areas there are stigmas and misconceptions surrounding cancer. Cancer may be misunderstood as being contagious or may be involved in negative superstitions.

World Child Cancer works to raise awareness of childhood cancer in low-and middle-income countries avoid these misconceptions and to educate families and communities about early warning signs and symptoms. We support awareness raising events in local communities as well TV and radio broadcasts in local languages. These activities are vital in reaching rural influencers such as healthcare workers, faith healers and families.

By donating £16 a month, you could pay for the production of a radio campaign aimed at creating awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer in local communities. With better awareness, we can ultimately ensure that more children are diagnosed at an earlier stage of cancer, improving their chances of survival. As part of our Close the Cancer Gap appeal, all donations made before 21st January 2020 will be doubled by the UK government, meaning your support will go twice as far.