Halima's story

Halima is a special person. As well as being a mother to two beautiful children, she is also a teacher for many children in her local village.

Her daughter, Elizabeth, is an eight-year-old girl who dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps of growing up to become a teacher. However, those dreams were close to being unfulfilled when Elizabeth was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“When I found out I cried all day. I didn’t understand what was happening to us. How could I give birth to this small child, nurture her and now this happens?”

Since her daughter’s diagnosis, Halima has struggled financially to cover treatment and travel costs as well as providing for her family at home.

“All our money goes to paying for Elizabeth’s treatment so I worry about my children getting a balanced diet, I worry about who will look after my son when I am at hospital with my daughter but most of all I worry about her.”

Halima is thankful for the support she has received from Dr Catherine Segbefia and the rest of the staff at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

“The doctors and nurses are like mothers, fathers and siblings to us. We go through emotional stress and they have helped us when we needed them most. If you go talk to them, even if they are busy, they make time or find another doctor for you to talk to. The staff have shared their food with us, they have given me credit to use on my phone and Dr Segbefia also gave my daughter medicine when I could not afford to pay for it.”

Halima is one of many mothers in developing countries around the world who are forced to spend extended periods of time away from their jobs, their homes and their families. World Child Cancer provides jewellery making classes for mothers on the cancer wards in Ghana as a welcome break from the pressures of having a child with cancer.

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