Marc's Story

Six-year-old Marc from Cameroon was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, after his mother noticed a swelling in his abdomen. Following an initial ultrasound, he was immediately referred to Mbingo Baptist Hospital for further tests where it was confirmed that he had Wilm’s Tumour.

Marc received eight weeks of chemotherapy, and had one of his kidneys removed. During this time, his parents also received counselling to help them understand the illness and the importance of their son's treatment. Marc was eventually able to return home and attended follow-up appointments at the hospital every three to six months.

Unfortunately, in June 2017 at his final follow-up appointment, a mass was discovered on his remaining kidney. This was obviously devastating news for his family, but his mother was determined to continue with his treatment.

As part of this second round of treatment, Marc received surgery from Dr Roly Squire, a volunteer from Leeds Teaching Hospital, and is on the road to recovery once again.

Alongside this voluntary medical aid that is provided through our twinning partnerships, World Child Cancer also funds supportive services and essential medicines. Just £20 could support the accurate diagnosis for a child with cancer in Cameroon, like Marc. This ensures that children receive the correct treatment, and are given the best chance of survival.    

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