May, who is nearly 3 years old, loves fashion, cars, dominos and building blocks. She was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 2 and has since been staying at Yangon Children’s Hospital, which hosts World Child Cancer’s programme centre in Myanmar.

It took two days by bus for May and her mother to get to Yangon. Her dad, who is a farmer, is still tending the family business. Neither May nor her mum have seen him since they parted when May started her treatment.

Normal life is on hold; mother and daughter sleep and eat in the hospital, and receive a little help from extended family occasionally. Unfortunately there is no accommodation available for children and families in Yangon so they must sleep wherever they find the space.

World Child Cancer seeks to improve support for families like May’s to ensure they are able to see treatment all the way through to completion. The charity provides funding to cover treatment costs, nutrition and transport to and from the hospital for families.

The programme in Myanmar is supported through UK Aid from the UK Government.