Meet Antonio

Antonio grins at the camera as he plays with the phone of Megan Parry, World Child Cancer Programme Coordinator for Mexico. Antonio is just five-years-old and in March 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer.

He first complained of a pain in his leg in January, three months before he received an accurate diagnosis. Despite his mother’s best efforts to find out what was wrong with Antonio, local doctors simply sent them away, saying the pain would eventually subside.

When Antonio’s condition continued to worsen, the family sought private help which resulted in Antonio being unnecessarily operated on. It was only when he was transferred to Hospital de la Ninez Oaxaquena that he finally received an accurate diagnosis and immediately received treatment for his cancer.

World Child Cancer is working to raise awareness of childhood cancer amongst healthcare workers in rural areas around the world. By quickening referral paths to hospitals with trained professionals, we can give children with cancer a faster route to better treatment.

If detected early enough, Childhood Cancer Can be Cured.

Antonio is currently responding well to treatment and has now gained enough energy to play for some parts of the day. Thanks to your support, Antonio is receiving the treatment he desperately needed.