Meet Betty

Betty has worked as the playworker at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital’s (QECH) Paediatric Oncology ward in Blantyre for over a decade. Being an incredibly dedicated and caring person, her role is vital in giving the parents of children at the ward a break from the daily struggles of caring for a child with cancer.

Betty has four children of her own but two of them unfortunately passed away. She now lives at home with many grandchildren and enjoys being around children every day. From 14.30 - 16.00 children on the ward spend time with Betty as an opportunity to be away from their bed and provide an outlet for creativity, learning and stimulation. It acts as a distraction from their treatment and pain, but ultimately it is a chance to play and be children.

This time is also especially important for parents who are able to get some fresh air, cook or wash their clothes in the communal areas.

Without the support from playworker’s such as Betty, children with cancer at hospitals in developing countries would have no outlet to a normal childhood. A welcome distraction from travelling and treatment allows children to be children again.

Every child deserves to have a childhood. You can give the gift of growing up by donating today. £500 could fund a family support worker for four months on a children’s cancer ward, providing emotional and practical support to help families through their child’s treatment. Become a regular giver by donating £5 a month to help give the opportunity of a childhood to children with cancer.