Meet Chikondi

Chikondi is an eight-year-old boy living with leukaemia. He sits with a smile as Meg Collington, Project Manager, speaks to Chikondi and his Grandmother.

“If you took away the hospital setting, Chikondi looked like any other young boy. He smiled inquisitively at me when meeting him.”

Chikondi was not alone when Meg met him, his Grandmother Lynn was also by his side. She looked tired but still smiled with pride as Chikondi responded to questions.

Chikondi’s life has been a difficult one from long before he was first diagnosed with cancer. His mother died of ovarian cancer when he was just six months old meaning his grandmother was left to look after him and his siblings.

“The family have been away from their home for so long that it’s starting to collapse from weather damage. Chikondi’s grandfather is at home but he is not fit enough to repair it.”

After completing his first cycle of treatment in 2015, Chikondi suffered a relapse soon after showing initial signs of progress. This time around, Chikondi and his grandmother have been in the hospital for one month and he is showing signs of positive progress once again. They were supposed to go home a few weeks ago but that has been delayed. They are both looking forward to eating home-made meals once again.

"Chikondi is definitely a happy child, he was shy at first but laughed hysterically when we started to take some photos together. He and his grandmother were comfortable at hospital despite their worries about their home, this was thanks to the great doctors and nurses that have supported them."

Chikondi dreams of becoming a truck driver when he grows up. You could help turn his dreams into reality by supporting World Child Cancer today.

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