Meet Christina

Christina, who is almost three years old, smiles as she poses for the camera on the ward at Hospital del Nino DIF, in Pachuca, Mexico. She is currently receiving maintenance chemotherapy for her Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, and is progressing well with her treatment.

However, it has been a difficult few months for Christina and her family. They live six hours away from the hospital, which made the initial journey to access treatment long and difficult. Fortunately, her family have been able to stay in the nearby hostel, meaning that they could remain by her side throughout her treatment.

Christina has also had a number of infections whilst at the hospital. Children with cancer are particularly vulnerable to infections and need rapid treatment if an infection does arise. World Child Cancer are working to train doctors and nurses in the prevention of infection, and are developing a protocol with the paediatric oncology teams in Mexico to ensure that oncology patients are given antibiotics as soon as possible. Thankfully, Christina was treated for her infections quickly, and is now doing well. She is a smiling, happy child once again.

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