Meet Estephanie

  • Estephanie is now looking forward to starting University
  • Estephanie was diagnosed with ALL when she was 13

Estephanie is excitedly looking ahead to her first year at university. Being able to continue her education is a huge achievement for Estephanie as she was forced to take time out of school following a cancer diagnosis.

When she was just 13, Estephanie was diagnosed with a high-risk form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). Travelling to hospital and home again would take over three hours a day meaning she could not attend school when visiting the hospital for treatment.

Despite missing a huge chunk of her education, Estephanie was one of the lucky ones. Survival rates for children with cancer in developing countries such as Mexico can be as low as 10%. World Child Cancer is working to change this by training more healthcare workers, raising awareness of cancer in local communities and supporting vulnerable families emotionally and financially.

Estephanie has been in complete remission for over a year now and this is all thanks to support from donors like you. If detected early enough, childhood cancer can be cured.

Help us give more children the opportunity for life after cancer by donating today.