Meet Kwende

In August 2020, Kwende’s grandmother Asmaa noticed that her baby grandson was feverish and short of breath. She took him to the nearest health centre where he was diagnosed with malaria and given oxygen. 

After five days of treatment he was discharged, but Asmaa knew that something still wasn’t right. The normally active Kwende spent all his time lying down.  

He was getting worse and his mother and grandmother also noticed an unusual swelling of his stomach. 

The local hospital was unable to treat him and instead he was sent to the paediatric unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, which is supported by World Child Cancer. 

It was there that he was diagnosed with Wilms tumour and started chemotherapy. 

He was discharged in December last year but has since returned to the hospital to continue his treatment. Dr George Chagaluka, the paediatric oncologist who takes care of Kwende says that he is responding well to treatment. 

Asmaa says, 

“Kwende was not able to sit or walk but now he can thanks to the treatment he is receiving here. I am so grateful for the transport that nurses here have been giving us, which means we can come for my grandson’s treatment. Otherwise, we could not have afforded it on our own.”