Meet Kyi

Kyi is eleven years old and lives with her mother, Cho, and three siblings in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar. Cho is separated from her husband, and says “I am the mother and I’m also the father.” She works hard to provide for her children and used to be a shopkeeper in the local market at home. This was until she found out that Kyi had cancer and her world was turned upside down.

Kyi was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 2016. She was taken to her GP when she first became unwell, but remained undiagnosed as the doctor didn’t recognise the early warning signs of her cancer. When Kyi didn’t show any improvement, Cho took her to the hospital, where she had blood tests. She was then referred to Mandalay Children’s Hospital (MCH), where it was confirmed that she had cancer.

Cho was very upset when her daughter was diagnosed but, like any mother, she was determined to make sure that Kyi would receive the best possible treatment. She had to borrow money to make the long journey to the hospital, and started working in a local factory to earn enough money to support her family and cover the cost of Kyi’s treatment. 

Kyi is responding well to treatment, and can't wait to return home so that she can join her friends at school once again. She loves drawing and dreams of being a clothes designer when she grows up.

Thankfully, Kyi was diagnosed quickly. Unfortunately this is not always the case for children with cancer in developing countries, like Myanmar, where many cases still go undiagnosed . World Child Cancer is working to raise awareness and improve the diagnosis of children with cancer in Myanmar. With your support more children, like Kyi, can receive a quick diagnosis and have access to the best possible treatment and care.