Meet Mima

The impact of Covid-19 

Cancer hasn’t stopped for Covid-19, and children like Mima are still in desperate need of treatment to ensure they can grow up to live a happy and healthy life. Mima is only six years old, and she was sadly diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2019 by paediatricians at Yangon Children’s Hospital before being referred to the Haematology-Oncology unit to start the necessary course of treatment.

Mima is an only child, and her mother Nu and father Khin have had to stay at the hospital with her since the beginning of her treatment.

Before the diagnosis we were a happy family, but since the diagnosis I have lost my job at the factory, and Khin’s salary alone doesn’t cover our living costs. I sleep on the ward with Mima and Khin stays in a shelter near the car park. We never thought this would happen to us.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19 Nu has noticed lots of changes to the ward including being asked to wash their hands more frequently and to wear masks to prevent the spread of infection, but increased health precautions aren’t the only thing that has affected Nu. There is also a concern that there might be a drugs shortage, and as money was limited before the outbreak Nu now fears what will happen if they don’t have any money to sustain them.

If we both do not have a source of income, we don’t know what to do next and how to carry on - the disease outbreak truly endangers our lives...Being in the hospital as we learnt of the global pandemic was as frightening as when our daughter was diagnosed with cancer.



Mima and her family are benefitting from the transport project that World Child Cancer runs in Myanmar. This project is for families who would otherwise struggle so World Child Cancer covers the cost of them returning home in between their child’s treatment. This reduces treatment abandonment rates and eases the financial impact on the family.

The coronavirus pandemic poses a huge threat to children with cancer all over the world, who need your support now more than ever. Please give what you can today to help ensure that we can continue to be there for children like Mima now and in the future, however uncertain it may be.