Meet Wezi

  • Wezi, aged 6

Wezi is a six year old from Chikwawa, about two hours south of Blantyre in Malawi. Wezi has Wilms tumour, a type of kidney cancer that is most common in children under the age of three.

When Wezi began losing weight, her mother Sephora took her to see a local doctor but he sent the family to a private health centre when he could not understand what was wrong. After one week at the centre they were sent on to the district hospital.

There, Wezi was given an X-ray which showed there was swelling in her stomach and she was finally referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi where she received treatment.

Wezi has been on the children’s cancer ward at QECH for three weeks, receiving chemotherapy treatment every week. The family did not know that they would be staying on the ward for so long when they left home, so brought very little with them.

They face many challenges, especially financial and struggle to even find enough money for food to eat.

Wezi’s father is back home and is not able to work as he is looking after their four other children, including a two-year-old. Wezi and her mother do not know when they will be able to go home.

Sephora says, “Wezi loves going to school, she misses it now. One day she wants to become a teacher"

The amazing team on the ward at QECH will do everything they can do make that happen.

World Child Cancer provides welcome packs for all families on the ward containing soap, tea etc. to help the family with essential items and funds treatment as families simply cannot afford to pay for them themselves. Donate now to support families like Wezi's to receive the support they desperately need.