Meet Yaza

Yaza is an 11-year-old boy from Bogalay in Myanmar who loves school and enjoys reading. Coming from a close, loving family, Yaza lives with his parents and elder brother. Yaza was just like the millions of other young boys across the world growing into his future until he started to suffer from breathing difficulties.

With his father working in the rice fields, Chewa, Yaza’s mother, was left to travel to the nearest healthcare centre to help her son who was now also developing high fevers. After several referrals, Chewa and her son finally reached Yangon Children’s Hospital – a three hour drive away.

“They told me my son had cancer, I never even knew that children could develop cancer. I felt so worried and cried all day.”

Chewa was told the news that would devastate any parent. A determined mother, Chewa and Yaza have stayed at hospital for over two months now whilst receiving chemotherapy.  Yaza’s father continues to work and care for his brother but spending so much time apart is impacting the entire family with Chewa unable to help harvest the rice meaning they lose out on vital income.

Yaza’s acute lymphoblastic leukaemia has affected his memory, a blood clot in his brain has meant he forgets simple things like his favourite subject at school and even who his mother is.

Programme Manager, Mark, met Yaza when in Myanmar;

“I had the pleasure of meeting Yaza and his attentive mother when I visited Yangon Children’s Hospital. Sadly, their story is not unique as so many children in developing countries have such difficult and challenging routes to treatment.”

Yaza’s story is not uncommon but you can help change that. By raising awareness and improving diagnosis of childhood cancer we can help more children receive treatment quicker. Childhood cancer is curable if it is treated early enough. Share your support for children like Yaza today by donating £5 a month to help fund training of healthcare workers to spot the early warning signs of childhood cancer.