Moses' story

Moses is seven years old and lives in Mozambique. In November 2016, he was diagnosed with cancer but like many children in developing countries, his route to diagnosis was a difficult and challenging one.

When Moses’ father, Victor, noticed a swelling on his son’s neck he took him to the local village hospital. After being referred to the central district hospital, Moses was diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent home with four tablets.

Despite the medication, Moses’ condition did not improve and Victor grew increasingly concerned for his son’s welfare and took his son back to hospital. Moses was eventually referred to the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH), which is supported by World Child Cancer, where he was admitted to the Paediatric Oncology Unit.

Dr Chagaluka, the hospital’s sole lead paediatric oncologist, requested a biopsy and the results showed a malignant Kaposi’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer caused by a virus that effects the skin, mouth and occasionally internal organs. Moses is now undergoing treatment but his route to diagnosis and treatment should not have been this difficult.

World Child Cancer is working to help more children like Moses in developing countries. We are raising awareness of childhood cancer amongst local practitioners and through our twinning partnerships we can improve accuracy of diagnosis by training healthcare professionals in the countries in which we work on spotting the early warning signs of childhood cancer.

Just £25 could cover the cost of accurate diagnosis for one child with cancer just like Moses, ensuring the correct treatment is provided and increasing their chances of survival. Give the gift of growing up and donate today to help more children like Moses access the treatment they so desperately need.