Rebecca's success story

  • Rebecca and her mum Charlotte

Thanks to the ongoing support of our donors, we are able to celebrate the successful treatments of children like Rebecca. We first met Rebecca in 2017 who, after being misdiagnosed at several different hospitals, was being treated for cancer at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Ghana. Rebecca was joined by her single mother of two, Charlotte, who revealed she was struggling with being told her child had cancer, recalling:

“I was scared that I might lose my child but the doctors encouraged me that Rebecca’s cancer was treatable and that she had a chance to be healthy again.”

Now, after two and a half years of treatment later, 10-year-old Rebecca has just two months of treatment left! She currently visits the hospital just once a month for her medication. Although she still has to travel five hours each way to get there, from October Rebecca is only required to visit the hospital every three months for check-ups.

While Rebecca has made many friends during her time at the hospital, she is eager to return to home and to her local school in September.

“I enjoy playing with my friends. I have lots of friends here, we like to make loom bands together but I can’t wait to go back home and return to school. I want to play with my school friends and I look forward to studying science again – it’s my favourite subject!”

 After years of struggling with emotional, physical and financial strain, Charlotte is looking forward to simply see her daughter have a normal childhood.

“Although Rebecca is in a wheelchair, I want her to return to school – but we will need a driver to take her there and back. After all of this, I’m just happy that Rebecca can now have a normal life again.”

It is only thanks to your continuous support that we are able share success stories like this and help children like Rebecca return to education. World Child Cancer has increased survival rates for children with cancer in some of our programmes by as much as 200%, allowing many of them return to their studies. Your generous donations can help us give more children with cancer the gift of growing up and help them return to a normal life after cancer.