Our Stories

Meet some of the patients, families and teams who have inspired us in our work to ensure children with cancer in the developing world have equal access to treatment and care.
Latifa's story

Latifa came from a large, loving family in Zoosali, a village in northern Ghana. She was just three years old when she developed eye cancer.

Latifa’s family first noticed that something was wrong when a white spot appeared in her eye. When traditional medicines and eye drops failed to work, Latifa’s parents took her to the eye clinic at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi where she underwent eye removal surgery.

The surgery cost Latifa’s family two months’ income, leaving them under severe financial pressure. Without enough money to pay for the

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Healthcare Professionals
Professor Lorna Awo Renner is a lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Head of
Patients and Families
Zwe is 7 years old and she suffers from a brain tumour. She lives in a rural village in Rakhine Division in the north
Patients and Families
Jasmine is 4 years old and is being treated for eye cancer in the Philippines.