Why it matters 

The global health landscape is changing, and noncommunicable diseases (like cancer) are finally starting to get the attention they need. But government awareness and investment is still dangerously low, and the needs of children with cancer underserved. The WHO’s new Global Initiative goes some way to remedy this. But survival rates will not improve if we do not push for the support children and their families deserve. 

The work we do 

The WHO has set a global target to raise childhood cancer survival rates to 60% and save a million lives by 2030. World Child Cancer is a proud part of its steering committee, and an active advocate for change. 

We do this by: 


  • Building public and political awareness around the disparity in childhood cancer care. 
  • Creating links to share skills and expertise in and across borders.  
  • Supporting evidence-based research and practice development.  
  • Influencing local, national and international policies.  

With your support we can close the gap in childhood cancer care.