Why it matters

The sooner treatment starts, the higher the chance of success.

It is an opportunity that is often missed. In some countries, disease awareness is so low that most cases go undiagnosed.

For children that are referred on, poor care pathways and limited diagnostics can take time they do not have.

It all happens too late. Once the cancer reaches Stage 4, palliative care soon becomes the only option.

The work we do

Survival starts with an early and accurate diagnosis. That’s why World Child Cancer works with communities, health workers and partners to increase the number of children diagnosed.

We do this by:

  • Raising public awareness around the early warning signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.
  • Training frontline and second-tier health workers to recognise cases when they present.
  • Supporting the development of patient referral pathways.
  • Building capacity for diagnostic services at partner hospitals and treatment centres.

With your support we can make sure children are given the diagnosis they need, when they need it.