Why it matters 

It is hard to imagine the shock, pain and fear a family feels when they hear the word ‘cancer’. Add out-of-pocket costs like drugs and travel expenses, and many families soon find it hard to cope. With little financial, practical or emotional support available, it is easy to see why so many children do not complete their treatment. Their young lives lost to the reality of life with childhood cancer. 

The work we do 

Successful treatment starts and ends with the whole family. That’s why World Child Cancer has expanded its work to include financial, social and emotional support.  

We do this by: 

  • Helping vulnerable families cover the cost of treatment, travel and care.   
  • Providing free hospital accommodation and opening ‘Shared Care’ centres in local communities. 
  • Offering tailored information and emotional support (including group and play therapy) to families. 
  • Delivering education and schooling for children in long-term care. 

Together we can help children and families stay strong in the face of childhood cancer.