About us

World Child Cancer was founded in 2007.

Our mission is to improve the rate of diagnosis, accessibility of treatment and quality of support for children with cancer, and their families, in the developing world.

Our vision is a world where every child, regardless of where they live, receives the best possible treatment and care and is able to realise their ambitions and dreams.

Over 300,000 children worldwide develop cancer each year. If the disease is detected early enough, many of these children can be cured -  80% of children with cancer in the developed world survive. However, in developing countries, survival rates can be as low as 10%, and many children die, without effective pain relief.
A reason for this inequality is that many children remain undiagnosed, or are diagnosed too late to be cured, due to a shortage of trained doctors and nurses in-country. 

World Child Cancer is dedicated to addressing the disparity of cancer care for children across the world. We believe that every child, no matter where they are born should have equal access to the best possible treatment and care. 

Our Structure

World Child Cancer UK is a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission in the UK.

World Child Cancer US is our partner charity based in the US. 

There is a single Project Committee that approves and overseas all World Child cancer projects globally. 

World Child Cancer Global controls the Branding and Licensing agreement that all World Child Cancer organisations have agreed.

Our Role

We are inspired to act by the huge differences in care and survival rates for children with cancer across the world.

With our partners we are working hard to improve the chances of survival by providing better access to what is often relatively simple and inexpensive treatment and care.

There are far too few properly trained healthcare workers and we support a range of training programmes. 

Many children with cancer either never get a proper diagnosis or it comes too late for treatment to be effective. We are running programmes to increase awareness and early diagnosis, and tackle the common but mistaken belief that childhood cancer is impossible to cure. 

We also support families for whom a diagnosis of cancer for a child can exacerbate poverty and cause huge stress throughout the family. Supporting a child away from home for months parents need affordable and secure accommodation, psycho-social support and the capacity to earn a living. 

Our Vision

A world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care.

Our Mission

To improve diagnosis, treatment and support for children with cancer, and their families, in the developing world.

Our values

- Act for sustainable change

- Act with integrity

- Act collaboratively

- Act with kindness